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2008-03-07 01:22:04

Well, it's kind of obvious that I haven't been seeding things lately... expect random crap to appear on this page from now on.

2005-07-12 23:20:46

Finished seeding.

2005-07-12 13:04:14

Seed is fully established.

2005-07-12 12:30:11

Setting up another SCI seed.

2005-07-12 04:25:31

Finished seeding.

2005-07-12 00:01:50

The seed is now fully in place.

2005-07-11 23:17:02

Now establishing a seed for this String Cheese Incident show.

2005-07-06 23:27:30

Finished seeding.

2005-07-06 16:03:11

Seed established...

2005-07-06 15:16:38

Now establishing a seed for this String Cheese Incident show.

2005-06-22 13:24:44

Seeding this 24-bit Gov't Mule show now.

2005-02-18 04:24:48

The CVB torrent is still going, but I need to save some bandwidth for other things. As of now, there are still 15 seeders.

2005-02-17 02:26:19

Now seeding a Camper Van Beethoven torrent from here.

2004-11-13 19:34:56

So long, and thanks...

I'm no longer running a tracker here. It's rather pointless, when bt.etree.org is around, and my announcements end up taking forever to make it onto the etree-bittorrent mailing list. I will occasionally pump some bandwidth into existing torrents by firing up a client on this system.

2004-11-01 04:25:11

Well, I didn't get anywhere near the response I was hoping for, so it's time to retire the Lobos show.

2004-10-22 23:34:21

The Los Lobos torrent is now live! Server seed is set for 45 gigs of transfer, max 500K/sec outbound.

2004-10-22 22:07:45

Well, I finally got a round tuit and bought some 24-bit audio hardware, so I can finally start setting up that Lobos torrent that's been sitting here.

2004-08-11 15:53:10

I'm now pulling down a 24-bit Los Lobos seed. Stay tuned...

2004-07-25 19:54:56

Finished seeding...

2004-07-25 14:54:49

Now seeding SCI 7-23-04.

2004-07-23 02:02:12

Finished seeding...

2004-07-22 21:26:11

Now seeding this Black Crowes show.

2004-07-21 21:12:45

Finished seeding for now.

2004-07-21 04:16:23

Now seeding SCI 7-08-2004.

2004-07-21 02:23:20

Finished seeding for now.

2004-07-20 12:29:46

Now seeding SCI 7-10-04.

2004-07-19 21:54:24

I'm pumping some bandwidth into the torrent of String Cheese Incident at Red Rocks 7-09-04.

2004-05-12 11:53:39

40+ gigs into the torrent... done seeding.

2004-05-11 21:44:48

I'm pumping some bandwidth into the Greatful Dead 1969 Project Part 13 torrent now...

2004-04-28 12:43:28

Done seeding... about 7 gigs pumped in.

2004-04-28 04:01:01

Well, once again I don't have a seed here, but I'll pump some bandwidth into the Greatful Dead '69 Project Part 12 torrent on bt.etree.org.

2004-04-24 15:23:21

I've stopped seeding the GD '69 Part 2 torrent, after pushing about 26 gigabytes into it...

2004-04-24 00:26:14

Rather than let my bandwidth go to waste, I've started a BT client on this system to pick up this torrent for seeding.

2004-03-26 03:56:51

Oops... I realized my server's disk image wasn't big enough to hold the '69 project files... fortunately, the nice folks at Linode gave me some extra space to play with, and an easy way to resize disk images. Now I can go ahead and put some oomph into the torrent.

2004-03-26 03:43:34

Well, it's time to retire the Los Lobos torrent... meanwhile, I've decided to pump some bandwidth into the Greatful Dead 1969 Part 09 torrent on bt.etree.org.

2004-03-13 04:24:49

The Los Lobos torrent is now live. 20 Gigs of server seeding, seed max rate 500K/sec.

2004-02-29 18:45:40

I've stopped seeding the Mule torrent...

2004-02-29 13:44:36

I don't have any seeds to offer right now, so I'm pumping up a Gov't Mule torrent with this server.

2004-02-27 02:18:42

The Phish torrent is now closed.

2004-02-26 02:28:07

The Phish server seed has reached its preset transfer limit and has been automatically shut down.

2004-02-15 19:20:29

Here's a Phish show for you. 15 Gigs of server seeding, 400K/sec max on the server seed.

2004-02-05 00:27:52

The H.O.R.D.E. show is now closed.

2004-02-03 02:21:25

The H.O.R.D.E. Festival server seed has reached its preset transfer limit and has been automatically shut down.

2004-02-01 14:25:09

H.O.R.D.E. is now ready to go, with 20 Gigs of server seeding, max speed on seed is set to 300K/sec. Enjoy!

2004-01-31 18:11:31

The cleanup is complete. Stats lookups should be faster now.

2004-01-31 18:00:57

I'm cleaning up deadwood from the database; don't be surprised if stats are flaky for now.

2004-01-31 16:57:44

I have registered a real domain for this site; fubegra.net is now live.

2004-01-30 03:19:37

I'm closing the Bruce Hornsby show, and letting the last straggler finish up... the H.O.R.D.E. show will go live sometime on Feb. 1.

2004-01-25 01:58:14

I'm close enough to my transfer limit that I can't seed the Bruce Hornsby torrent from the server, but I've kept my cable connection up, so I've updated the status to reflect that. Look for a new offer after the end of January.

2004-01-25 01:46:34

Well, it has been a great run, but it's time to retire the SCI torrent.

2004-01-24 18:52:44

The Bruce Hornsby server seed has reached its preset transfer limit and has been automatically shut down.

2004-01-23 13:54:57

I'll keep tracking the SCI torrent for now, but seeds are not guaranteed.

2004-01-22 05:28:07

For the Hornsby show, the server seed is getting 12 Gigs, max rate set to 300K/sec.

2004-01-22 05:26:03

Now that the SCI seed has been used up, I'm starting the Hornsby show...

2004-01-22 05:12:53

The String Cheese Incident server seed has reached its preset transfer limit and has been automatically shut down.

2004-01-11 20:27:14

Here is some fresh Cheese for you. This is the Steve Szaks source. Jason Ho's source is available on the Llama.

Server seed is set for 25 Gigs of transfer, 500K/sec max rate.

2004-01-04 18:17:18

Well, the Seapods torrent hasn't seen much activity, so it's going bye-bye...

2004-01-01 20:02:39

"Cap'n! Come here! I see some pods on the horizon, and they look rather ominous!" (hands telescope to captain)

"Hmmm... Ominous Seapods... and there's a whole torrent of them!"

Happy New Year! Here's a new offer for the new year, backed by 10 Gigs from the server seed. Share and enjoy!

2003-12-31 02:44:36

It's time to let the U2 torrent wrap up. I'll continue tracking it until all connected clients are completed.

2003-12-30 12:58:02

The U2 server seed has reached its preset transfer limit and has been automatically shut down.

2003-12-30 12:03:34

Errgh... a DNS problem caused Apache to decided that it didn't know one of its host names, and quit during its daily restart. I have taken measures to prevent that from occurring again.

2003-12-29 18:45:12

I'm now offering a U2 torrent, with 8 Gigs of server seeding. The server seed is set for 500K/sec maximum upload rate. Have fun!

2003-12-28 02:26:53

The OAITG torrent is now finished.

2003-12-27 23:32:08

The Old & In The Gray server seed has been stopped to conserve transfer.

2003-12-24 23:40:35

Merry Bluegrass Christmas! Here's an Old & In The Gray show with 10 gigs of server seeding for you.

2003-12-24 23:27:22

The SCI torrent is now closed.

2003-12-24 01:25:59

The SCI torrent is back. I have set the server seed for 4 gigs before it will go away.

2003-12-24 01:20:59

A data center power glitch knocked me offline. I'm busy setting the torrent back into motion.

2003-12-20 17:16:26

I have opened up the SCI torrent, with 5 Gigs of server seeding to kick it into gear.

2003-12-14 13:08:19

The gd78-06-04 torrent is now closed.

2003-12-13 15:12:21

The server seed is 75% used at this time.

2003-12-12 14:44:27

At this time, the server seed is only 40% used up.

2003-12-12 03:34:09

Oops... I forgot to put up the text file for the GD show. Fixed.

2003-12-12 00:52:58

The Grateful Dead torrent is now up. Have fun!

2003-12-08 03:04:05

Coming soon: a 1978 Grateful Dead show. Thanks to shnaholic for the show.

2003-12-05 00:46:00

You may have noticed that I haven't offered any shows lately. That's mainly because the etree.org community tracker has kind of eclipsed my little site. However, I'm starting to look for something new to offer; stay tuned.

2003-10-26 12:31:19

Nobody's downloading at this time, and sci2003-10-03 didn't have too many takers, so I'm shutting the tracker down.

2003-10-26 08:10:38

The String Cheese Incident server seed has been stopped to conserve transfer.

2003-10-25 16:02:49

The server seed is about 50% used up at this point.

2003-10-25 02:18:36

The server seed is now up, cranked to 300K/sec, and set for 10 gigs of transfer. Go for it!

2003-10-25 01:54:32

If you use TheSHAD0W's BT Client, I would suggest not using the S-5.8.6 version of the client. I had it hang on me while uploading to the server.

2003-10-24 13:36:39

Yeah, it has been a while since I've offered anything. I'm now setting up a server seed for a killer Cheese show. You're welcome to join in, but it'll take a while until the seed is up.

2003-10-14 14:17:21

The Mule torrent has ended.

2003-10-12 03:57:37

The Gov't Mule server seed has been stopped to conserve transfer.

2003-10-11 13:27:07

I've restarted the server seed for another 5,000,000,000 bytes of high-bandwidth goodness.

2003-10-10 07:33:49

The Gov't Mule server seed has been stopped to conserve transfer.

2003-10-10 01:48:00

Well, I'm away from home, and I managed to lock myself out of my home system. This means, once the server seed is off, I won't be able to keep seeding this torrent. Please keep your seeds up and running for as long as you can.

2003-10-09 04:54:37

The server seed is now up, set to 300K/sec max, and set to shut off after 15,000,000,000 bytes of transfer. Go for it!

2003-10-08 12:22:33

I'm starting a Gov't Mule torrent. I'm setting up a server seed; I will crank up its maximum speed once it is complete.

2003-10-08 12:06:21

LF1991-10-11 is now closed.

2003-10-07 12:10:45

The Little Feat torrent is now wrapping up. The tracker will be shut off once the last client finishes downloading.

2003-10-05 12:34:19

The Little Feat server seed has been stopped to conserve transfer.

2003-10-04 20:27:52

The server seed is now up and set to 300K/sec max. Have at it!

2003-10-04 14:24:56

The Little Feat torrent is now open. A server seed is being estabilshed; once it's ready (and I'm back from my bike ride), I will crank its maximum speed up.

2003-10-04 13:42:59

Version S-5.8.3 of TheSHAD0W's BitTorrent client is now available.

2003-10-03 18:29:53

Time to wind down the sci2003-03-22 torrent. There are too few seeds now.

2003-10-02 23:10:56

It looks like my report legibility enhancements only show up if you use Mozilla. Internet Explorer's CSS suport sucks. Not only that, transparent PNGs show up with a black background. Back to the drawing board.

2003-10-02 02:24:23

The statistics reports have been made more legible.

2003-10-01 22:10:04

The String Cheese Incident server seed has been stopped to conserve transfer.

2003-10-01 15:38:10

Oops! The watcher process was set wrong. Server seed has been restored. Sorry about that...

2003-10-01 15:22:39

The String Cheese Incident server seed has been stopped to conserve transfer.

2003-10-01 12:28:45

Another Cheese show is now on tap.

2003-10-01 00:11:04

There's already another version (S-5.8.2) of TheSHAD0W's BitTorrent Client. :o)

2003-09-30 12:17:57

There is a new version (S-5.8.1) of TheSHAD0W's BitTorrent client.

2003-09-29 14:44:15

The SCI show is now being closed. The tracker will run until existing clients complete their downloads.

2003-09-27 16:16:14

The String Cheese Incident server seed has been stopped to conserve transfer.

2003-09-27 04:40:25

Server is now fully-seeded, and cranked up to 300K/sec. Jump on!

2003-09-26 23:23:21

I've started to seed the SCI torrent. Expect slow going until the server seed is established.

2003-09-25 02:36:27

The Dead torrent is now closed. Some Cheese is on its way...

2003-09-25 00:01:33

The Dead torrent is now closing. Stay tuned for something new soon.

2003-09-24 17:39:56

The Meters torrent is now closed.

2003-09-24 03:03:38

I've changed a database view used by the stats display to speed it up.

2003-09-24 00:36:58

I'm winding down the Meters torrent. It will remain on the tracker until all of the connected clients have completed. So far, 53 completed downloads have been logged.

2003-09-22 23:13:32

Seeds have sprouted on the Dead torrent. Jump on!

2003-09-22 01:14:48

I'm starting a torrent of a Dead show. However, I've burned up most of my server's monthly transfer allowance, so I can only seed this one from home. The Meters show is still being tracked - my redesigned database lets me track multiple torrents and keep their stats.

2003-09-21 16:13:27

A torrent activity report for the last 30 minutes has been added.

2003-09-21 14:07:08

Tips/Notes updated; torrent status displays improved.

2003-09-20 21:04:15

I've switched the server to a standard seed. It seems to me that super seed mode is best used when seeding from a low-bandwidth source.

2003-09-20 18:33:14

Oops! I had to tweak the the MIME type for the server, since I switched to the mod_perl-enabled Apache package.

2003-09-20 18:18:16

The Funky Meters show is now live, with a 500K super-seed on this server. Jump on!

2003-09-20 16:58:20

I've changed the site to make better use of the stats database. I'll be putting up a Funky Meters show soon, courtesy of Eric Singleton.

2003-09-18 00:35:00

The Los Lobos torrent is now closed. 64 successful downloads (not including the server seed).

2003-09-17 12:10:00

As there are plenty of seeds at this writing, I've shut the server seed down to conserve transfer. I'll restart it if the torrent needs jump-starting.

2003-09-17 00:10:00

I've put up a nice Los Lobos show, and it's currently seeded on the server. Have at it!

2003-09-14 16:15:00

I'm doing some major rearrangement of the database, since I'm using a new tracker version with some differences in the log output. Stats will be unavailable for now, until I rewrite the display routines.

2003-09-05 17:15:00

The Gov't Mule torrent is now closed. 60 successful downloads logged!

2003-09-02 12:00:00

In order to have enough transfer left for other torrents this month, I've stopped the server seed for now. I'll keep the torrent going for as long as possible, though.

Please don't try running two downloaders from the same machine. At best, it will be inefficient; at worst, the two clients will stomp on one another as they write file pieces, sending a tide of corrupted data to other clients. If I find you are double-connected, you will be firewalled from this tracker.

2003-08-31 23:27:00

Tamerlane has provided the source information for the Mule show:

MK4v>kc5>cmc6.>lunaV2>oade adc24lp-1>CD>EAC>shn via MKWact

Since changing the text file would require redoing the torrent from scratch, I'm not going to change it.

2003-08-31 22:53:00

The server is now fully-seeded. I've already cranked up its maximum upload speed. Enjoy!

2003-08-31 02:15:00

The Gov't Mule show is now available. Until the server seed is complete, expect slow transfers. Once it's fully seeded, I'll open the floodgates.

2003-08-29 23:40:00

The nice folks at Linode have doubled my disk allocation. This will provide more breathing room for hosting larger shows.

At the moment, my home machine is pulling down this Gov't Mule show. It's being served from a slow server, so it'll take a while. Once I have it and verify the files, I'll start a BitTorrent session. Initial downloads will be slow, until the server's fully seeded. Thanks to Tamerlane for the seed.

2003-08-27 22:45:00

The Del McCoury torrent has been closed. 37 complete downloads served. Stay tuned for a Gov't Mule show soon!

2003-08-23 18:00:00

Time for a little bluegrass! I've put up a Del McCoury Band show up for download. I'm starting out with a fully-seeded server this time.

2003-08-20 04:40:00

I've added a link to the etree archive for the SCI 04-23-98 show. 40 complete copies were downloaded from the torrent.

2003-08-20 04:30:00

The SCI torrent has been shut down.

2003-08-16 04:20:00

Hungry for some Cheese? Here's a nice show for you... 04:28 torrent link fixed

2003-08-06 07:17:00

It's time for me to set up another show. I'll leave the tracker up until the current downloaders have finished.

2003-07-23 23:49:00

Oops! I had the wrong permissions set on the .torrent file. That's fixed now.

2003-07-23 23:10:00

The 3-01-69 show is now up. Download away!

2003-07-23 14:20:00

Nobody's downloading the 2-28-69 show; I've pulled the torrent file. 61 complete shows served. Stay tuned for 3-01-69's show.

2003-07-22 04:00:00

I'm no longer seeding the 2-28-69 show, but I'll keep the torrent up while there are other seeds available. I'm now uploading the 3-01-69 show to the server. I'll wait until it's all the way up before offering the torrent, as that seems to be easier on my transfer amounts. I won't offer multiple torrents at once until I overhaul the stats database.

2003-07-19 12:28:00

The bandwidth issue rears its ugly head again. To conserve bandwidth, the server seed has been shut down for now, so I'll have enough left to offer the 3-01-69 show. The tracker is still up, and I've started a client elsewhere to provide another seed. Lesson learned after my last offering: stop the server seed while there are other seeds up. :o) As of this writing, 23 successful downloads have been logged.

2003-07-18 01:20:00

The GD 2-28-69 show is now available. It'll probably take 12 hours or so for the seed to make it onto the server, but you can still jump on if you want.

2003-07-16 00:25:00

Between a drop in interest, and a cable outage taking out the seed my home system was providing, I've decided to close the GD 2-27-1969 offer. 38 successful downloads were logged, 2 stragglers still going. The tracker will keep running until the last downloader has finished. Stay tuned for the 2-28 show!

2003-07-15 01:25:00

I've been watching my bandwidth usage, and I've decided to shut off the seed on the server. I get 50 GB/month to work with, and I've chewed up about half of that so far. The tracker will keep running for now.

2003-07-13 00:00:00

The seed is up on the server, and I've cranked up the upload speed to get things jumping. Have at it!

2003-07-12 00:00:00

I'm uploading the Greatful Dead's Feb. 27, 1969 show to the server. You're welcome to jump on, but you won't get the full fileset any faster than the server. It's always nice to have more seeds, though. This show is well worth the wait!